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San Marco Sestier

San Marco is the heart of Venice and the sestiere most visited by tourists. Piazza San Marco, St. Mark's square, is Venice's main square. It was called the drawing room of Europe by Napoleon. Around the square are elegant historic buildings and expensive cafes, some with live music in the evening, and the main tourist sites of St. Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace, the Campanile (bell tower), and the Correr Museum.

Dorsoduro Sestiere

Dorsoduro, a large sestiere across the Accademia Bridge from San Marco, is close to Piazzale Roma where buses and taxis arrive. Its home to the Accademia Museum and Guggenheim Art Collection, two of Venice's top museums. Its bounded on one side by the Guidecca Canal and the walkway along the canal is tranquil and scenic. Much of Venice's university is in Dorsoduro. Campo Santa Margherita is a popular spot during the day and has a fish and vegetable market. It's one of the best areas for nightlife, too.

San Polo Sestiere

The Rialto Bridge across the Grand Canal connects San Marco and San Polo, one of the oldest parts of Venice. At the foot of the Rialto Bridge in San Polo is the huge Venice fish market and open-air vegetable market, a good place to visit in early morning. San Palo has many food shops and bars and very good restaurants. It's a small but pretty sestiere with remnants of its medieval roots. The Frari church holds some Titian masterpieces.

Santa Croce Sestiere

Santa Croce is next to San Palo along the Grand Canal. If you're arriving in Venice by bus or taxi this is the closest sestiere. Santa Croce is one of the least touristy parts of Venice and another of the oldest areas. The oldest parts of the University are in Santa Croce. It's home to one of Venice's most expensive restaurants, la Zucca, but also many good pizzerie.

Cannaregio Sestiere

Cannaregio, across the Grand Canal from Santa Croce, is a large sestiere that stretches from Santa Lucia train station to the Rialto Bridge. The Cannaregio Canal is the second largest in Venice and it connects the lagoon with the Grand Canal. Cannaregio has picturesque squares and canals and many residents live in this sestiere, giving it local flavor. The Jewish Ghetto is here and Fondamenta Misercordia is a good place to find restaurants. There are many shops, cafes, and wine bars.

Castello Sestiere

Castello, on the other side of San Marco, is home to the Arsenale, the old shipyard and an interesting museum. It's an interesting area to walk around and as you get farther from San Marco you'll see few tourists. Campo Santa Maria Formosa is a pleasant spot. Boats for Murano and Burano Islands leave from Fondamenta Nove, the walkway along the Northern lagoon.